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Helping tech startups
scale their impact
using precise branding &
engaging user experiences

Struggling to scale up your business?

Why don’t they get it?

If everyone knew how incredible your product was, it would sell itself, right? So why is there such a disconnect between you and your customers?

Why aren’t you getting the traction you deserve?

Find your groove

You need to find your groove

Look around you: The most successful brands you know and love were once sitting in your seat. How did they get to where they are today? They hit their rhythm and stayed true to it.

Find your brand superpower

So people know who you are

The way all top brands earn consumer attention is consistency of messaging. Just like close friends, people need to understand where you fit into their lives and what to expect from you in order to feel comfortable with you.

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Alex Hartan, Digital Craftsman

Hi, I am Alex

Hi, I am Alex



I use my 18+ years of Branding and UX Consulting experience to help innovative startups make an impact by showcasing what makes them unique.

Here’s the deal — Nobody loves unpredictability, and nothing looks sketchier than a brand with inconsistent messaging.

Your brand needs a persona that’s carefully crafted to be relevant, dependable, and true to you.

Together, we’ll give your business a voice, and then I’ll back it up with a solid strategy and toolkit to give your whole team the clarity and confidence they need to bring it to life.

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During a series of facilitated workshops, we reveal the ultimate goal and explore the strengths and gaps of your business.

Who are your customers? How does your product benefit them? How can you engage with them in a way that brings value to them?

Collaboratively, we uncover your untapped superpower and amplify your impact by connecting with your customers in your true voice.

At the end of this process, you will have a deeper understanding of your business and the value you bring to your customers. Your enthusiasm and your drive to make a difference in the world will be re-ignited.





We use the creative brief from the workshops to build a cohesive identity system, Brandbook and social media blueprint to support your new story.

These foundational assets will be the building blocks of your brand.

Easily accessible and always up-to-date, your team will have the resources to create content at scale and the confidence that they look and sound like you, every single time.

Your customers will have a greater appreciation of your product and the value it brings, and they will be passionate about sharing your story.





Your website is your best sales representative. It is the perfect opportunity for your customer to know, like and trust you.

During the first second, your visitors will decide whether they're interested in your offering, and most of that decision is made visually.

My mission is to make sure your story is presented online in the best light, turning visitors into repeated buyers and loyal advocates.

With this solution, your website will look the part, work seamlessly, and illustrate the ultimate benefit it brings into your customers' lives.

Forget boilerplate templates, your customers deserve a unique digital experience built in Webflow, that delights them and elevates your brand.



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Konstantinos Kollias, Founder of the Forest Method

Konstantinos Kollias


When I decided to pivot my business, I realized I needed guidance through this process to successfully navigate the upcoming challenges.

Alex rose to the occasion, asked the right questions and allowed me to get vital clarity for my project. He built my branding system that reflects my values and principles and designed a beautiful website, setting the foundation to grow my business the right way.

Come to present, Alex and I are working on multiple projects together and I am always fascinated by his ethos. I recommend Alex to any business owner looking to take their brand to the next level.


When you’re aligned with your customers’ beliefs and values, they’ll pick you every time, and they'll be excited to share your story.


You could call a big fancy agency, if you have the money and the time.

You could try your luck herding a few freelancers.

Or you could call me, and we could get started finding your voice today.

There’s no time to waste. Your business and your customers are relying on you.


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